Lewis & Clark

Who in the world are you?
What in the world do you want to do?
Where in the world do you want to go?

You can find the answers to these questions at Lewis & Clark.

With the traditional liberal arts as its focus and an integrated appreciation for other cultures, Lewis & Clark offers opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Lewis & Clark’s students and faculty create a vibrant academic community that starts in the classrooms, laboratories and studios and extends to campus lounges, residence halls, and internship sites in Portland. Faculty members are dedicated to teaching and often engage with students outside of class.

Are you interested in global issues and environmental sustainability? You can pursue these fields at Lewis & Clark. Each year, undergraduates organize symposia on international affairs, environmental studies, and gender issues. In the graduate school, future teachers explore how to integrate these issues into their classrooms. In addition, the environmental law program at the Lewis & Clark Law School is considered by many to be #1 in the United States.

Come explore your future at Lewis & Clark!

Lewis & Clark  Students


Academics at Lewis & Clark:

    • A four-year undergraduate post-secondary program.

Graduate programs in counseling psychology, educational leadership, and teacher education.

  • Lewis & Clark Law school with LL.M. and J.D. degrees.
  • Average undergraduate class size: 19 students.
  • Full time faculty: 97% hold a Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field.
  • Faculty-student ratio: 1:12
  • Fall semester and spring semester (16 weeks each); summer semester (12 weeks).
  • Student body: about 1,900 undergraduate students, 825 graduate students, and 750 law students.


Lewis & Clark offers you the following:

  • A student population from 49 states and 58 countries.
  • Support programs for over 150 international students and over 120 Third Culture Kids (TCKs), students who have grown up outside their home countries.
  • Financial aid for select degree-seeking international students.
  • Residence halls with themes—live with students of similar interests:
    Environmental Action & Service, Multicultural, Visual & Performing Arts, Outdoor Pursuits, or Wellness. On-campus housing is guaranteed for first- and second-year students.
  • An active international student club.
  • An annual international fair organized by our international students.
  • Exciting outdoor programs: camping, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and more.
  • Varsity and club sports.
  • Student organizations focusing on academic, athletic, political, social, and environmental issues, including eco-defense and anti-genocide advocacy.
  • Support services, including airport pick-up, new student orientation, Community Friends, Conversation Groups, and assistance with practical training after graduation.
  • Free shuttle to downtown Portland during the academic year.
  • Volunteer service opportunities in Portland, working with the environment, the elderly, youth, poverty, and other social issues.
  • Overseas study programs. Over 60% of L&C students study in 19 different countries for one semester or more during their 4 years.
  • Active alumni groups in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Credit toward your B.A. degree for English language study.
16-week fall semester, late August to mid-December

16-week spring semester, mid-January to early May

12-week summer semester, mid-May to early August

6-week summer half-session, late June to early August

Full-time course load, 19 hours weekly from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am to 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Low-Intermediate, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, and Advanced (Transition to Undergraduate Level)
8-18 students
All faculty members hold Master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or in Applied Linguistics, and have extensive experience in higher education.
All courses offer credit to admitted Lewis and Clark undergraduates. 24 credits may be applied toward the Bachelor of Arts degree.

English Language Study

Academic English Studies (AES) at Lewis & Clark is an English as a Second Language program for students who want to improve their English skills in order to study at Lewis & Clark or another university. AES offers low-intermediate through advanced levels of full-time English study, plus a part-time advanced level for academic transition. Students in advanced levels may audit an undergraduate course with consent of AES and the course professor.

If you are in the undergraduate program, you may earn up to 24 AES credits toward the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students are working on their degree while they
study English.

Graduate students improve their English while they search for the perfect graduate program. Their AES advisors and the L&C placement office offer guidance during the search and application process.

The AES Academic Program offers:

  • Content-based courses integrating reading, writing, listening, speaking.
  • Experienced, enthusiastic faculty with advanced TESL degrees.
  • Class activities to integrate students into the L&C campus and the local community.
  • Physical education and applied music courses with native speakers.
  • Modern classrooms equipped with multimedia technology and wireless internet.
  • Computer and multi-media labs.

AES and L&C offer you:

  • Friendly, experienced academic advisors.
  • Enrichment experiences with American Friendship Families.
  • Conversation Groups with native speakers.
  • On-campus housing with an American roommate or off-campus housing with a host family.
  • Off-campus activities.
  • Free airport or hotel pickup for incoming students before the semester begins.
  • Opportunities to interact with local people off campus.
  • A student center with bookstore, dining halls, post office, and bank machines.
  • Weekend outdoor trips.
  • A free shuttle bus to downtown Portland, September through May.
  • A fitness center and weight room.
  • A running track, indoor tennis courts, and swimming pools.

Academic English Studies maintains the highest standards. AES is a member of AAIEP and UCIEP.

For more information about studying English:

Email: aes@lclark.edu
Web: go.lclark.edu/aes

Students live in campus halls or apartments, usually with an American roommate. Residence halls have small kitchens, large TV lounges, and laundry facilities. Each room has a high-speed data link and phone line.
Students have access to all Lewis and Clark athletic, academic, and social facilities. The College Outdoors program offers low-cost day and weekend trips to kayak, hike, ski, or camp in beautiful areas of the Pacific Northwest. All outdoor equipment is provided.
AES tuition for English-only students, $5,652/semester
AES tuition for undergraduate credit, $18,197/semester
Room and meals are $4,661 to $5,186/semester, depending on meal plan.
AES Summer half-session costs are approximately half the semester charges.
International Students and Scholars
0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Oregon 97219-7899 USA
Phone: +1.503.768.7305
Fax: +1.503.768.7301
Email: iso@lclark.edu
Web: www.lclark.edu/offices/international/
Provide evidence of two years of English study (copies of tests, transcripts, or a written statement).

“Lewis & Clark has given me the opportunity to expand my multicultural identity. Having grown up in a French household in California, I was attracted by L&C’s international focus and environmental program. L&C has given me the opportunity to live, study, and even cook with students from all over the world. I have followed my passions inside the classroom by studying Environmental Studies and International Affairs. While living in the multicultural dorm I have continued that experience outside the classroom! Next year, I hope to conduct research in climate and energy as a Junior Fellow for the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace in Washington, D.C.”
Jenifer Jackson
Half Moon Bay, California

“I am majoring in mathematics and economics. My studies began with a writing course from Academic English Studies and it has been very useful throughout my college career. I really enjoy the L&C community on this gorgeous campus. While here, I have had the opportunity to play the pipe organ (we have one of the best in the Northwest!) and take part in many other activities. What I greatly appreciate about L&C is the 24/7 support we get from our professional friends (a.k.a. faculty and staff). I will soon be doing graduate work in applied mathematics and computational science on a full scholarship at KAUST, a new university of science and technology by the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia!”
Andrew Yip
Hong Kong, China