Chemeketa Community College

image 7bbbbChemeketa means “Place of Peace.” Personal service, individual advising, small classrooms, and excellent faculty create academic success. In fact 70% of our international students get awards for their achievement. Our students study English, earn certificates and Associate degrees, transfer to four-year universities and prepare for graduate studies. Come Discover Chemeketa!

Chemeketa is a wonderful place to go to study.

The classes at Chemeketa are nice and small. Our average class size is 25 students or less, which helps the students interact with professors who remember the students’ names and faces, and who help students get their questions answered. The professors are really nice, and they are very helpful, especially if you are an international student.

Also, the tuition is not too expensive. Chemeketa is in small town called Salem. Salem is not a very crowded place and is not an expensive place for students to live. The people here are really nice.

Chemeketa Community College Students

Chemeketa Community College values access and diversity which is affirmed by how we care, collaborate, and innovate with each other and the community. We promise to actively support student learning from precollege to transfer or to the workplace and lifelong learning by focusing on student success, quality, and sustainability in all of our practices and by being responsible stewards of our resources.
Chemeketa Community College is an exciting and diverse place to learn and grow. Students from all age groups and experiences with a wide variety of educational goals attend. Each year we serve about 10,000 students, 120 of whom are international students from a variety of cultures, ethnicity and countries.

At Chemeketa, you can obtain a two-year professional/technical degree to begin a career, or earn a transfer degree to a four-year university. Among the most popular transfer programs include business, social sciences, and engineering. Some of our outstanding two-year degree programs include computer electronics, graphic design, hospitality management, nursing, and viticulture, among many others. Chemeketa is fully-accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

International Programs

4000 Lancaster Drive NE
PO Box 14007
Salem, Oregon 97309
Phone: 1.503.399.2527
Fax: 1.503.365.4768
Email: William Velez
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Contact: William Velez International Admissions and Recruitment Specialist

About the region

Salem is a small city with a rich local history, a mild climate, and a low crime rate. More than 235,000 people call Salem home and enjoy its tree-lined streets, riverfront parks, and convenience to downtown shopping. Every year, Salem hosts the World Beat Festival organized by our diverse cultural community and featuring food, music, and dances from around the world. Salem and its surrounding communities have Latino, Asian, European, Pacific Island, and many other populations that bring a wealth of perspectives to the city.

Salem is surrounded by the vineyards and orchards of the fertile Willamette Valley. Temperatures average about 10 degrees Celsius in the winter to 50 degrees in the summer. Most of the rainfall occurs from November through March. The summer months are generally dry. Although Oregon is best known for its temperate climate and rain, it is also good to plan for summer heat and occasional winter snow.

Salem is located one hour from the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains in each direction, offering opportunities for outdoor activities. Portland is just a one-hour drive to the north and offers a wide variety of cultural activities, sporting events, and entertainment; and Portland International Airport is easily accessible from Salem.


Chemeketa is on the quarter system. We have three main term intakes, Fall term- beginning late September through mid-December; Winter term beginning early January through mid-March; Spring term beginning late March through mid-June. In addition, we offer a Summer term intake late June through mid-August where we offer a special Language and Culture Summer program.

Chemeketa Classes occur during the day, evening, and weekends. Intensive English classes are held Monday- Thursday from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.”

Our academic programs give you solid preparation for either transfer to a university or immediate employment. You can begin your studies at Chemeketa and transfer to a university within one year, or complete your first two years at Chemeketa and finish your final two years at a university. We also offer two-year degrees and one-year certificates in many different occupational and vocational fields that prepare you for direct entry into a profession.

If you are not quite ready for college-level coursework, Chemeketa offers an intensive English program. Chemeketa Language and Culture Institute offers English classes at your level, with other students from many different countries of the world.

Class size at Chemeketa ranges from 15 to a maximum of 35, with an average class size of 20-25 students. Classes in our intensive English program are small so the students receive more attention from their instructors.
At Chemeketa our faculty care greatly about our students. We focus on preparing students for their careers and life roles by teaching important concepts and skills, using methodologies that engage students in significant learning, and continuously assessing and improving our effectiveness in teaching and learning.

Chemeketa has more than 200 full-time faculty members. In general, faculty who teach college transfer courses have at least a master’s degree; some have doctorates. Faculty in professional-technical programs generally have a diverse background which combines education with practical, on-the-job experience. In addition, we employ an average of 600 part-time faculty each year. Many of them teach evening classes on subjects directly related to their full-time jobs in the community.

If you are planning to pursue a Bachelors Degree or higher, begin at Chemeketa in almost any area of study. Then, transfer to a university after one or two years. If you are preparing for immediate employment, Chemeketa offers certificates or associate degrees in the following occupational fields:

  • AccountingA
  • Automotive technologyA,C
  • Agribusiness ManagementA,C
  • Building InspectionA,C
  • Business TechnologyA,C
  • Computer Information TechnologyA
  • Criminal JusticeA
  • Dental AssistingC
  • Drafting TechnologyA,C
  • Early Childhood EducationA,C
  • Electronics TechnologyA
  • EMT-ParamedicA
  • Fire Protection TechnologyA
  • Health Information TechnologyA,C
  • Hospitality ManagementA,C
  • Health Services ManagementA,C
  • HorticultureA
  • Juvenile CorrectionsA
  • ManagementA
  • Network TechnologyA
  • NursingA,C
  • Pharmacy TechnicianA
  • Retail ManagementA
  • Tourism & Travel ManagementA
  • Vineyard ManagementA,C
  • Visual Communications (Graphic Design)A
  • Welding TechnologyA,C
  • Winemaking/MarketingA,C


Many of our international students live in one of several apartment complexes very close to the college. Most of these students walk, ride bikes, or take a bus from the apartments to the campus. Some students drive, which can make transportation more convenient, but it is not a necessity. We also have a Homestay Program and may be able to place you in a local home. This program is very popular and requires you to plan ahead.
Our International Student Services offer the following support programs:

  • Arrival assistance
  • Career planning and college transfer assistance
  • Intercultural Awareness classes
  • Conversation Tables
  • Emergency assistance
  • Employment opportunities
  • Information about Salem-area resources
  • Orientation programs
The following are estimated living and educational expenses for 2016-17. Costs do not include the three-month break.


  • Housing and Food         … $   5,400 (9 months)
  • Tuition and Fees            … $ 10,800 (9 months)
  • Insurance and Books    … $   2,400 (12 months)
  • Total                                 … $ 18,600


*Tuition estimates are subject to change. Estimates are based on average full time registration. Credit level programs require a min. of 12 credits per term at $256 per credit. Intensive English study is charged at $165 per credit. Students studying Intensive English at Chemeketa are registered for 22 contact hours per term.  Required fees include health insurance. Academic & technology fees vary depending on course registration.

For more specific information, please contact International Admissions for more information.

To be admitted to Chemeketa Community College as an international student, you must be 18 years of age or older and you must be a high school graduate. In addition, you will need to complete an Admission Application before the due date. Visit our web site to download an application and to check dates.

English language requirements: No TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for admission. All students who enter Chemeketa will take required English or college placement tests during orientation.