Research and Innovation in Oregon

Research and Innovation in OregonMany of Oregon’s universities boast distinguished researchers who forge public-private partnerships in sectors such as nanotechnology, wave energy and bio­based products, and also top-notch faculty who train the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. These institutions provide educational resources and learning opportunities to students, firms and communities.

Oregon’s Signature Research Centers build on the state’s university and industry expertise, environmental assets and unique talent and are demonstrated below.

The Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center (BEST) deploys sustainable technologies to conserve and renew energy, and develops materials to enhance the built environment.

The Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) puts nanotechnology and microtechnology to work in electronics, energy generation, environmental conservation and medical devices.

The Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute (OTRADI) screens compounds and supports the collaborative development of pharmaceuticals that fight infectious diseases.

Source: Oregon Innovation Plan 2011-2013, Business Oregon